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What is DiversaTech?
DiversaTech is a student-led technology consulting organization at the University of California, Berkeley. We form interdisciplinary teams of undergraduates to deliver innovative and actionable recommendations that address our clients’ most pressing needs.

What makes DiversaTech stand out?
While many other consulting organizations are primarily composed of business majors, DiversaTech’s members come from a variety of academic and analytical backgrounds. As enrollees of an internationally-acclaimed research university, we have access to a wide network of resources and exclusive library databases. We’re uniquely positioned to bring novel perspectives and approaches to our projects.

How are DiversaTech projects structured?
Every semester, we partner with 4 different clients for our projects. Each project team consists of 2 project managers, 5 to 7 consultants, and 2 senior advisors. All of our members are undergraduate students at the University of California, Berkeley.

What are the roles of each member on a project?
Project managers roadmap and guide the project, while maintaining communication with their consultants, senior advisors, and clients. Consultants work on specific research, features, and other assignments delegated by their project managers. Senior advisors lead professional workshops and provide their team feedback and other project-related resources.

What’s the timeline of a project?
Each project lasts 12 weeks, and consists of regular client check-ins, a midpoint deliverable, and a final deliverable.

What are some examples of past projects?
We have experience managing various technical and non-technical projects for clients. Some past examples include go-to-market strategy, feature ideation with prototyping, data analysis with accompanying recommendations, and product marketing. We’ve partnered with companies for projects from various industries: education, finance, biotech, entertainment, social media, and more.

Is payment mandatory for projects?

Yes. Though specific amounts are negotiable, we mandate donations from all of our clients to respect the amount of work put in by our consultants and ensure that your experience working with us is high-quality. As we do not receive monetary funding from the University, we are only able to support our growing talent by partnering with companies such as yours.


Who do I talk to if I’m interested or want more information?

If you are interested in working with us or want more information, please navigate to our “Contact” section and fill out the “Client Request Form” with your description of interest and any questions. We will promptly contact you back with next steps.

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